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Download and Installation Tips
NVIDIA’s CUDA development tools provide three key components to help you get started: the latest CUDA driver, a complete CUDA Toolkit, and CUDA SDK code samples.

Please download files and install them in this order:

1. CUDA Driver 2. CUDA Toolkit 3. CUDA SDK code samples

The CUDA driver and Toolkit installation are required before running the precompiled examples or compiling the example source code.

Choose your OS
* Please note that the CUDA Debugger for Linux has been tested only on 32-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.x but may work on other distros as well.
* An updated version of the CUDA Toolkit end user license agreement (EULA) that specifically allows redistribution of the runtime and libraries included in the toolkit is now available.

CUDA 2.2 Beta is now available to registered CUDA Developers. Sign up here to get access.

Operating System:


CUDA tools are provided free of charge and can be used to create applications for a wide range of NVIDIA GPUs – from integrated and discrete GeForce® GPUs for consumers to Quadro® and Tesla™ GPUs for professional visualization and computing users. Click here to see a list of CUDA-enabled products.

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