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NVIDIA RTX / Quadro Desktop and Notebook Driver Release 470

Version: R470 U7 (472.84)  WHQL
Freigabedatum: 2021.12.13
Betriebssystem: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11
Sprache: Deutsch
Dateigröße: 539.88 MB
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Weitere Infos
NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Production Branch Driver

Release 470 is the latest Production Branch release of the NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Driver. This new driver provides improvements over the previous branch in the areas of application performance, API interoperability (e.g., OpenCL/Vulkan), and application power management.

Production Branch drivers are designed and tested to provide long-term stability and availability, making these drivers ideal for enterprise customers and other users who require application and hardware certification from ISVs and OEMs respectively.

The Production Branch driver is a superset of the NVIDIA Studio Driver and provides all the benefits of the Studio Driver of the same version, in addition to NVIDIA RTX-specific enhancements and testing.

What’s New in Version 470 U7

  • This release includes bug fixes and driver component enhancements to improve performance.
  • Studio Application Support
    • Blender 3.0 - Support for new features, including native USD and NVIDIA Omniverse™ integration, utilizing NVIDIA RTX GPU Tensor Cores for OptiX AI denoising and RT Cores for Optix ray tracing
    • Isotropix Clarisse - Improved performance with Angie renderer, enabling interaction with large scenes using exclusive ray traced acceleration for NVIDIA RTX GPUs
    • Powerdirector - Integration for NVIDIA Broadcast and AI tools for video and audio denoising in post production

Fixed Issues in Version 470 U7

  • [REDCINE-X Pro]: Poor performance when using NVIDIA P620 and T400 GPUs.
  • [Redshift]: Denoiser alpha channel shows artifacts when using kernel prediction mode and with "denoise alpha" enabled.
  • [Redshift3d][Ampere GPUs][OptiX Ray Tracing]: OptiX may crash.
  • [Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE][OpenGL/Vulkan Interoperabilkity]: The driver may crash when using dedicated memory allocation.
  • [NVIDIA RTX Experience][DaVinci Resolve]: Names of games in the application tiles are incorrect. 3422313
  • [AutoCAD][Ampere GPUs]: Recreating an ID3D12CommandQueue causes subsequent compute shader writes to fail to execute.
  • [Maxon C4D]: Dark flickering appears in the viewport.

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