Windows Texture Viewer


wtv.jpgWTV was developed by Tomas Blaho for simple DDS viewing, especially for those DDS files with an alpha channel.

If you're working with DDS files, you may also find our DDS Utilities, Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins, and DDS Thumbnail Viewer to be useful.


Download WTV 0.89b (85KB)

Latest changes:   
  • .89b
    • Fixed ARGB info for selected pixel.
    • Luminance format names fixed.
  • 0.88b
    • Added drag source part for "Drag & Drop". It's now possible to drag&drop browsed file from WTV to Photoshop with a DDS plugin installed to open the DDS file there.
  • 0.87b
    • Added ARGB info for a selected pixel
  • 0.86b:
    • Fixed hang in overlapped file handling on Windows XP 64bit.
    • Fixed damaged DXT5 image after ATI2N image was viewed.
    • Changed format name generation to support more than 8bits per channel.
    • Added support for G16R16 format.
    • Fixed blending of A8L8 format.
    • Fixed menu channel selection.
  • 0.84b:
    • Fixed ATI2N format decompression.
    • Added support for ATI1N format
  • 0.83b:
    • Any single channel can be viewed as a grayscale image.
    • Shortcuts to view a single channel (Shift/Ctrl + R or G or B or A).
    • Shortcut to switch back to viewing all channels (Shift/Ctrl + U).
    • The U key switches between viewing the A and RGB channels.
  • 0.81b
    • More normal map formats shown through the new PostProcess option.
    • Fixed name and presentation of A8L8 format.
  • 0.80b:
    • Fixed path to the current, when file name used as a parameter doesn't have a path included.
    • Added support for ATI2 format.
    • Added support for a separate channel view. Shortcuts slightly redesigned.
    • Delete key deletes current file and moves to the next one.
  • 0.70b: Fixed image movement outside the main monitor