Die folgenden Computerzeitschriften haben NVIDIAs TNT2, oder Systeme oder Einsteckkarten, die NVIDIA-Technologie nutzen, mit folgenden Auszeichnungen geehrt:

 Cadalyst -- Graphics Card Rumble
"The Diamond Viper V770 Ultra turned in the best performance scores on this round of CADALYST Labs' 3D video card tests."

 Tom's Hardware Guide -- 3DNow! Enabled 3D Adaptors
"TNT2 is the best 3DNow!-performer in Direct3D, which is still the platform for the majority of 3D-games."

 Review Zone -- NVIDIA's TNT2
"The major advantage of the TNT2 boards over the TNT board here is 32-bit performance. In both single and multi-player modes, the TNT2 outscores the TNT (no big surprise) in 32-bit and in higher resolution modes. If 32-bit is important to you, and you want high res, the TNT2 is the best choice for you."

 Sharky Extreme -- Hercules Dynamite TNT2 Ultra Review
"The Hercules Dynamite TNT2 Ultra is the fastest video accelerator money can buy, both on the spec sheet and in real world applications." Score: 9 fins

 Gamespot -- Diamond Unleashes the TNT
"Gamers can have it all -- 60fps and 32-bit color."

 Sharky Extreme -- In-House nVIDIA Ultra TNT2 Preview
"The TNT2 has been 1998/9's most closely guarded secret in the industry, it's had absolutely zero press coverage, no press hype and not even a whiff of a press release."

 Tweak 3D -- NVIDIA Ultra TNT2
"The TNT2 offers the best features on the market. From 32-bit rendering without a major performance hit to AGP 4X support to incredible image quality, the TNT2 is a great product across the charts." Score: 9.6

 Tom's Hardware Guide -- NVIDIA rocks the Boat with TNT2
"NVIDIAs upcoming RIVA TNT2 looked like a merely overhauled version of the well known RIVA TNT and although it was clear that TNT2 would be faster than TNT, still only few expected that TNT2 would be a particularly interesting product."